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Library Computer Use Policy

Please Note: All files saved on library computers are deleted upon restart of the computer. Save your document often on removable storage media. USB drives are for sale in the EIC.

Computers in the Fordham Libraries provide access to a wide variety of information resources and software applications. Our public access computers fall into two main categories: Reference computers and Lab computers.

Reference Computers: are configured to access library holdings, selected information resources and the Internet. Please do not use these computers for Chat or Email (except emailing of search results). Personal Email should be done in the computer labs. Reference computers are located at Walsh Library in the main Reference room (1st floor), the Reserve room (1st floor), the Science Library (4th floor) and the Government Documents section (ground floor). The Quinn Library at Lincoln Center has Reference computers located throughout its main floor.

Lab Computers: are configured to access a variety of software applications including Email, Web Browsing, Word processing, Spreadsheet, Database, and Presentation. Not all applications are available in all locations. Some lab computers in the Electronic Information Center (EIC) are also configured to allow the use of DVDs, CD-ROMs and audio compact discs. Lab computers are located at the Walsh Library in the EIC (ground floor) and in room 108B (1st floor). The Quinn Library at Lincoln Center has 2 computer labs, one in the center of the library and one on the far rear wall.

In order to maintain a high level of service and keep our information systems running smoothly, we ask that all library patrons adhere to the following policies:

  • Do not install software on library computers.
  • Do not create folders on the hard drive.
  • Do not save anything on the hard drive.
  • Do not download anything (files, programs) onto library computers. This includes games, plug-ins and services. You may download files onto your own floppy, zip disk, or USB drive.
  • Do not use computers in the Reference Rooms for email, chat or games.
  • Do not attempt to adjust, re-configure, or disconnect library printers or computers.
  • Do not load paper, transparencies, or other media in library printers.
  • Bring removable storage media such as USB drives or purchase them in the Library.
  • Save work onto your personal removable storage media.
  • Save often. The Library is not responsible for lost work.

Patrons should also be aware that files infected by viruses will be automatically deleted by Library computers. In addition, any files saved on Library Computers will be automatically deleted.

Assistance in using library computers is available at all library Reference Desks and at the service counter in the EIC. Questions about or problems with using library computers should be directed to the EIC (718-817-5118).

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