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Post Production

Our Digital Video Post Production Suite is built around an Avid Media Composer 1000XL system, the worldwide standard for digital video editing. Our configuration includes additional hardware enabling 3D video effects, graphics, and integrated titling capability. Our suite is fully digital from utilization of the Panasonic DVC-Pro digital videotape format for recording and transfer to Avid, to final layback mix. All Avid processing is performed in our 8 bay tower of accelerated harddisk drives currently populated with 212 gigabytes of storage offering several hours of video editing and processing time. The Avid Media Composer 1000XL also includes 8 tracks of digital audio recording, editing and processing capabilities.

To supplement the audio postproduction side of the Post Production Suite we have Digidesign Protools which offers 32 tracks for digital recording, mixing, and editing. This system is fully synchronized with the Avid Media Composer 1000XL system, which expands our capabilities for audio, sound effects, and music production. Protools is a full recording studio in a single system featuring a software audio mixing console with 30 sound processing modules and 32 non-linear multitracks. This system provides for: voice-over production, Folly stage and sound effects processing, ADR-looping, and full music production and scoring.

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