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EIC-TV Television Studios

In keeping with the Library’s mission of collecting and preserving records of human knowledge and creativity the video and television production facilities in the Walsh Library provide support services for collaborative work with faculty and the university administration. In addition the EIC-TV staff capture, catalog and preserve important lectures, conferences, dramatic performances, and other events taking place within the University and the surrounding New York City community. Originally produced video resources are accessible online via the Library website and through physical media at the Electronic Information Center.

In addition to this central mission of the studios, a cable television channel and subsequent live web streaming site were developed by the library to facilitate live and prerecorded television programming which includes broadcasting of lectures, conferences, special events, workshops and originally produced television programs including, Fordham Nightly News (FNN), Fordham Mornings Live, Overtime, and Strategy Room. These programs were developed to provide the University community with a view of Fordham activities and to offer students an engaged informal education experience in television broadcasting. Creating television programming allows students to work in the environment of a professional television studio wherein students can experience hands-on education through the vehicle of a quasi-professional job.

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