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  Trumbull Drawings: Complete Listing
1.  “And Look Thro’ Nature…”
2.  A Doctor of the Church (seated).
3.  A Doctor of the Church (standing).
4.  A Rock-Bound Lake (Norwich Falls).
5.  Brigadier General Anthony Wayne.
6.  Female Figure (standing).
7.  Fortifications and Disposition of Troops at Ticonderoga, New York.
8.  Germanicus (so called) – (Octavius as Mercury), Study from Ancient Sculpture.
9.  Hopkins.
10.  Hopothle Mico.
11.  Hysac or the Woman’s Man.
12.  Joshua Attended by Death at the Battle of Ai.
13.  Lamderg and Gelchossa.
14.  Landscape Study for The Surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga, New York.
15.  Landscape Study for the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown.
16.  Madonna and Child with Saints Joseph and John.
17.  Male Figure (reaching).
18.  Male Figure Praying (?).
19.  Meleager, Study from Ancient Sculpture.
20.  Mercer.
21.  Sketch for the Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec.
22.  Sketch of a Young Man (Mercer?).
23.  Sketch of General Gates Marquee.
24.  Sketch of Indians for The Murder of Jane McCrea.
25.  Sketch of Two Female Figures for Priam Returning with the Body of Hector.
26.  St. Paul Preaching in Athens.
27.  Studies of a Male Torso.
28.  Studies of Male Torso.
29.  Study for The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton.
30.  Study for The Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec.
31.  Study for the Deluge.
32.  Study for the Knighting of de Wilton.
33.  The Great Falls on the Connecticut River at Walpole.
34.  The Murder of Jane McCrea c. 1790.
35.  The Murder of Jane McCrea.
36.  Unidentified Subject (formerly titled American Prisoners on Board a British Prison Ship).

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