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  Technical Requirements and Guidelines for Live Online Reference Help

  • The collaboration software we use for virtual reference works best in an Internet Explorer Browser (5.0 and above) on a Windows-based computer.

  • Some newer versions of Internet Explorer that come with Windows XP do not have Microsoft Java Virtual Machine installed. To use our interactive service, you may download the latest version of the software or simply submit a question to be answered later (using the email reference form).

  • If you are using America Online (AOL), we recommend that after connecting, you use an Internet Explorer browser for the session, instead of the AOL browser.

  • If you are using Netscape, some versions will pop up a message advising you to change the Java setting in order to login and chat with a librarian. It also will provide full instructions for the steps to be taken to enable Java or disable it, depending upon the version of Netscape you have.

  • If you are using a Macintosh computer, your session may downshift to a more basic interaction than one that could be achieved with a Windows-based computer; however, you will still be able to collaborate with a librarian.

  • During your live help session, please follow only links within the left frame. Opening a new web site in your browser will close your connection with the librarian.

  • If you are behind a firewall or internet filter, make sure you are allowing regular http connections to and from and

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