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"Celebrating the Liturgy's Books: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in New York City" on the occasion of the 77th Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America

Fordham University is happy to be one of the institutions involved in the rare manuscript exhibition for the Medieval Academy of America's 77th Annual Meeting in April 2002. Further information about the exhibit, locations and hours can be found at:

Fordham University Liturgical Exhibit:
Location: 4th Floor Exhibit Hall, Walsh Library, Fordham University, Bronx, NY
Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 p.m.
On view: 7 January - 2 August 2002
Phone: 718-817-3570 (Main Office); 718-817-3560 (Special Collections)

Liturgical manuscripts from Fordham University Libraries:

MSS 4.6    page 1, page 2
Parchment leaf from Pontificale Romanum: Blessing of first stone of a church. Probably 14th century French school of illumination. (29 x 18 cm)

Early 18th Century sermons preached in Mexico by an unidentified Jesuit priest.

Early 18th Century sermons preached in Los Angeles by Francisco Xavier Marques de Monserrata.

MSS 2.8    page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4
PETRUS COMESTOR, fl. 12th century. Historia Scholastica. France, early 14th century. Fragment. 2 leaves. Folio. Vellum. (28 x 20 cm)

MSS 4.1
Universis Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae. Latin text of an indulgence granted to the Chapel of the Blessed virgin Mary and St. Blasius, dated 1335. Approbation of Archbishops 1337. Text is on parchment with illuminated capitals. (28 x 20 cm)

MSS 4.13
This is an original leaf from a commentary on the Koran, written by hand by a known scribe: Schafeite Djelal Ed-din Mohammed, in 1566. The manuscript was once in Osterley Park Library of the Earl of Jersey.

MSS 4.14
This leaf is taken from a portable Bible executed in England, circa 1220.

Book of Hours. Italian, 1480.

Book of Hours. French, 1380?

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS. De Officiis. Latin codex. n.p. 15th century. 168 leaves. 9 leaves lacking. 23 cm.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS. De Officiis. Italy, late 14th century. 47 leaves. Folio.

MSS 2.1    page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4
Parchment document dated between 1218 and 1226 concerning the transfer of a title from the Counts of Ravensburg to the church at Claholten.

MSS 2.4
Fragments of a 15th century Latin manuscript, possibly of a legal nature. Gothic script. 8 leaves.

MSS 4.3    page 1, page 2
Leaf from a choir book. Early 14th century with French illumination. (18 x 12 cm)

MSS 4.4    page 1, page 2
Leaf from a choir book. Late 14th or early 15th century, with French or possibly Italian illumination. (20 x 16 cm)

MSS 4.5    page 1, page 2
Leaf from a small Flemish Horace or Book of Hours, or a simple Prayer book. Probably second half of 15th century. (14 x 10.5 cm)

MSS 4.7    page 1, page 2
Parchment piece from a 14th century Missal. (13 x 11 cm)

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