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You can use other techniques to further refine and limit searches.


Many databases allow you to limit your search by: date, document type, language, type of publication, etc. Look for pull-down menus on the Search screen.

Phrase Searching:


Use quotation marks (" ") or select "as a phrase" in a pull-down menu in order to search for words adjacent to each other.


  • "rock and roll "
  • "Robert Louis Stevenson"
Truncation Use a symbol to search word variations.

Truncation symbols vary from database to database - the $ is used in the Fordham Library Catalog. In many databases the * is used.


  • terror$ = terror, terrorism, terrorist
  • environ$ = environment, environmental, environmentally

Use parentheses ( ) to nest search terms.

Example: (rivers OR oceans) AND pollution

Now let's decide what type of materials you need...

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