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These are some examples of a Words or Phrases search:

Native Americans

Industrial Revolution

Stem Cells


Let’s take a look at a BASIC search using Words or Phrase as the search option.
  • Type ‘Stem Cells’

  • Select Words or Phrase

Words or Phrase Search Results - Brief Record

The results for the search ‘Stem Cells’ displays a results list of brief records.
The brief record includes the following:
Publication Date

Click on Details to link to the full detailed record of an item

Words or Phrase Search Results - Detailed Record

The detailed record of an item includes the following:

Title Author Publisher Publication Date ISBN or ISSN Holdings (identifies the campus that owns the item) Call Number
Additional information on the item can be found
in the A Look Inside and the Catalog Record tabs.

In most cases, “A Look Inside” provides reviews, author biographies and a table of contents for the selected item.

The “Catalog Record” provides links (items listed in blue) to the following:
  • Personal author - retrieves other items by that author
  • Title - browses a list of other items in the alphabetical vicinity of that title in the catalog
  • Subject Headings - retrieves other items in the same subject category

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