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What is a periodical index?
  • Provides a list of articles that can be searched by topic or author
  • Sometimes includes an abstract or summary so you can tell if the article is really what you are looking for
  • Lists the basic information you need in order to find the article (journal title, volume, date, page numbers)
  • Both electronic and print indexes are available in the library

Finding the right index

Electronic Indexes
Fordham subscribes to over 280 electronic databases and indexes including:

Select "Databases and Indexes" from the Library Homepage.

Consult the Subject List or select the Alphabetical List

The Multi-Database Search groups databases into subject areas and allows the user to search several or all databases simultaneously.

Print Indexes

Some periodical indexes are available only in paper form .  These indexes are:

  • Arranged by year
  • Provide citations for articles
  • May contain abstracts

Paper periodical indexes are divided into two categories based on how they are arranged.

1. Subject and Author Indexes arearranged alphabetically in one list

    For Example: Feminist Periodicals

2. Indexes can also be arranged by citation or abstract number. Check the subject index for the number of the citation for your topic.

    For Example: Criminal Justice Abstracts

Whether you are looking at an index citation from a print or an electronic resource, the principles of citation deciphering remain the same....

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