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Citations:   Include basic information such as:  article title; author; journal title; publication date; volume and issue number; page numbers.

         " Merger signals shift in xenotransplantation research."  Karen Birmingham.  Nature Medicine Nov 2000 vol.6 Issue 11, p. 1195

Abstracts: Include basic information from the citation and an abstract (summary). Abstracts can help you determine the scope of the article (scholarly, opinion piece, etc.) and if the article is really related to your topic. The length and depth of the abstract depends on the index or database.

         Nature Medicine, Nov 2000 Vol.6 Issue 11, p.  1195

          "Merger signals shift in xenotransplantation research."  Karen Birmingham.

         Abstract:  This article discusses the merger of Cambridge based Imutran, a company which has developed genetically modified pigs, with American company BioTransplant.  The author maintains this will set back research conducted in the United Kingdom on xenotransplantation, especially since the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland announced they will discontinue research on transgenic pigs.

Full Text:   Includes the entire article plus all the information needed to cite it in your research.

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