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Subject directories organize Web sites by subject categories, starting with a broad subject area and moving toward more focused subjects within the main category.

The Best Subject Directories Currently Available on the Web
Additional Information
Yahoo! Web Directory
One of the most well-known commercial portals, Yahoo! is not an ideal selection for seeking only academic-oriented directories.
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Supported by a federal grant, this extensive subject directory contains annotations for each Web site that has been evaluated and selected to be included.
Covers academic disciplines with excellent search features, as well as in-depth annotations for each resource.
Academic Info
Contains a selection of academic portals, resources, sites, and reference materials.
Comprised of guides on a large variety of topics from an array of levels in expertise.
Large amount of academic sources with a slightly British focus.
Internet Public Library
Contains a virtual reference room of online resources and sites that have been selected for each subject category.
Scout Report
Provides annotations supplied by the University of Wisconsin.
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