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Through Fordham's online InterLibrary Loan system (ILLIAD), you may request materials unavailable at Fordham
libraries including books, journal articles, and even non-print media from libraries around the country. It is wise to
place your request as early as possible since it may take several weeks for items to arrive. You will receive email
notification and a call from your library when the requested material arrives.

Click on Interlibrary Loan Services from the library homepage. Then click on Online InterLibrary Loan System (ILLIAD). First-time users should follow the link to set up an ILLIAD account. If you already have an account enter your user name and password to access it.

You can check on the status of your ILL request at any time by accessing your ILLIAD account. ILL materials can be returned to any of the Fordham libraries during open hours. Extensions on loans of books and other media are generally possible. You may submit extension requests through your ILLIAD account so long as you do so by the DUE DATE indicated on the item's ILL slip. Photocopied material is yours to keep.

In order to request a book or article through ILL, you must provide complete and accurate bibliographical information including author, title, publisher, and date for books and author, article title, journal name, date, volume, and pages for articles. You should also provide informtion about where you found out about the book or article such as a database, bibliography or World Catalog.

World Catalog is an excellent source for bibliographic information, but what is it?. . .

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