What's on the webcast?

This webcast streams live events from Fordham University, including lectures, conferences and studio broadcasts.

Throughout the day, we will be playing selections from the Fordham University Libraries' Video on Demand collection and public domain entertainment.


Weekdays at 5:30 PM
News and features from the Fordham campuses, presented and produced by Fordham students from the EIC studio.

Check back for more upcoming events!

Playback problems?

The webcast requires Adobe Flash Player.

If you are not seeing the video, try these steps to view the webcast:

  1. Right-click (or Ctrl+Click) on the player window to access the Flash menu.
  2. Click "Settings..." to change the Flash player's settings.
  3. Select the first tab--"Display"--and ensure that the box next to "Enable hardware acceleration" is NOT checked.
  4. Select "Close" and refresh the page. The video stream should now be playing.

Video on Demand

Visit the Video on Demand collection to see video programs from the Fordham University Libraries' digital collections.

Browser Compatibility

The webcast player is only partially supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. For best results, use Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer. Please make sure Adobe Flash Player is enabled.

The webcast player will not display on iOS or Android devices.